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In Luna Glamping we represent the Sacred geometry through the Geodesic Dome that according to Vedic mythology tells us about the lunar mansions or celestial palaces that resemble our mind, sensitivity, our desires, emotions and also what cannot be destroyed. We seek to subtract the lunar mansion that will make you feel that you are on another planet.

The Dome is a three-dimensional magnetic field, a place to sleep, dream and discover. Being inside an Icosahedron helps you change the perspective so that you experience a relationship with nature in a unique and different way.

We also talk about cosmic doors that transmit the spiritual energy of the universe, thus serving the dome to support you to connect with yourself, with your spirituality, with your Being, creating a unique and different space.


Sensory Experience

Human beings learn through the senses and what we perceive as colors, sounds and the visualization of nature. That way we feel we are part of it. For that you can have a special projection according to your personal desire, be it the universe, the planets, soft music to relax. Domes are a vital tool for this type of experience and connection. The important thing is that you can experience it as a lab of senses for a better rest, breathing, feeling tranquility among other unique experiences.


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